Today’s podcast covers news on Birds of Prey and Aquaman movies, plus TV talk on Swamp Thing, Gotham, Supergirl, and Elseworlds.

Ella Jay Basco in talks to play Cassandra Cain in Birds of Prey Variety

  • Basco has had several television guest roles
  • “In the…film, [Harley Quinn, Huntress, and Black Canary] team up to protect Cain’s character when she comes across a diamond belonging to Black Mask, a kingpin in Gotham City’s criminal underworld.”

New Aquaman poster

  • “Home is calling”

“Behind the Scenes” featurette for Aquaman released – (on YouTube)

  • Lots of practical costumes and VFX

Kevin Durand (Lost, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) cast as Jason Woodrue aka Floronic Man in Swamp ThingDeadline

  • Description – “Prickly genius Jason Woodrue is a biogeneticist without equal and he knows it.  Brought in to study the unique properties of a small-town Louisiana swamp, Woodrue becomes fixated on unlocking the potential contained within — leading to tragic and monstrous consequences.”
  • Floronic Man was first introduced in comics in 1962, Floronic Man was in Batman and Harley Quinn animated movie and Woodrue was in Batman & Robin, played by John Glover

Teaser trailer for final season of Gotham – (on YouTube)

  • Early Batsignal, Bane, lots of villains

The CW announces spring scheduling changes

  • Arrow (January 21), The Flash (January 15), and Supergirl (January 20) are unchanged
  • Black Lightning movies from Tuesdays to Mondays after Arrow starting January 21
  • Legends of Tomorrow will return to Mondays in April (presumably after Black Lightning season finale)
  • iZombie will also return for 5th and final season in Spring, but no dates have been announced

RJ Cyler (Power Rangers) cast in a recurring role on Black Lightning – (Deadline)

  • Will “play Todd Green, the gangly and awkward tech genius who’s passed over for a research grant. He doesn’t take it well, until he gets an offer to join Tobias Whale.”

Hannah James (Mercy Street) cast in a recurring role on Supergirl as Maeve Nal, Nia’s sister – (Deadline)

  • Kate Burton (Scandal) will guest star as Nia’s mother Isabel


First teasers of “Elseworlds” released by The CW

Promo image of Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch as Superman and Lois Lane (TV Line)

  • Here it is
  • Is that the Fortress of Solitude? (Superman 2)
  • Hoechlin on their relationship – They “obviously have a very strong relationship that’s been going like that for a while. It’s deeper into the relationship, so there’s that comfortability factor and they know each other so well. They really kind of have a life together.”

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