On today’s show, we look at the early box office performance of Aquaman, a Plastic Man film being put in development, plus several heroes being cast on DC Universe. 

Early box office for Aquaman – (Deadline)

  • $126.4 million overseas this weekend, $261 million total
  • Is pacing 65% of Justice League and more than double Wonder Woman in same markets

A Plastic Man movie is in development – The Hollywood Reporter

  • Amanda Idoko is writing (1 episode of The Mayor, upcoming movie Breaking News in Yuba County)
  • “The project is in the early stages and has no filmmaker on board. Details of Idoko’s take were not revealed, but her hiring caps a half-year search by the studio to find the right person for the job. Warners is planning on staying true to the light-hearted and even silly tones of the character, say sources.”

Chris Messina cast as Victor Zsasz in Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) – Deadline

  • Messina is known for The Mindy Project, Argo, and Live by Night
  • Zsasz is “a sadistic serial killer who carves a tally mark onto himself for each of his victims. Zsasz will be working in cahoots with Ewan McGregor’s lead bad guy Black Mask.”
  • Zsasz has been in Batman Begins and Gotham

Actress/Comedian Ali Wong cast in a supporting role in Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)The Wrap

  • “An associate of Renee Montoya in Gotham law enforcement.”
  • Robert Catrini also cast in an undisclosed role

New DC animated movies to be available the day they are released on DC Universe

  • First is January’s Reign of the Supermen

Casting for Stargirl

Joel McHale (Community) cast in a recurring role in Stargirl as Sylvester Pemberton – Variety

  • Pemberton was the original Star-Spangled Kid and Skyman in comics, but the article says a “Golden Age Starman”
  • “A courageous and confident superhero, Starman is a member of the Justice Society of America. He wields a mysterious anti-gravity weapon called the cosmic staff and has a longtime sidekick named Stripesy, who is better known as Courtney Whitmore’s stepfather, Pat Dugan.”
  • Pemberton was in the “Absolute Justice” episode of Smallville

Lou Ferrigno Jr. (S.W.A.T) cast in a recurring role as as Rex Tyler/Hourman in StargirlTV Line

  • “a master chemist and adrenaline junkie who as Hourman is a thrill-seeking superhero with the ability to manifest super-strength… for one hour a day. A founding member of the Justice Society of America, Rex/Hourman struggles with balancing his life as a hero and father.”
  • Hourman was in Legends of Tomorrow (played by Patrick J. Adams)

Brian Stapf (The Purge, The Walking Dead) cast in a recurring role as Ted Grant/Wildcat – TV Insider

  • Will be a former heavyweight boxer, as in comics
  • Wildcat was in Season 3 of Arrow

Ian Ziering joins the cast of Swamp Thing as Blue Devil – (The Hollywood Reporter)

  • Known for Beverly Hills, 90201 and Sharknado movies
  • Recurring guest star
  • “Stuntman turned movie star, Daniel Cassidy became semi-famous after playing the demonic Blue Devil. But now, eight years later, Cassidy finds himself living out his days in frustration, pining for his former fame while on a collision course with destiny.”

Season finale for Titans to debut this friday

  • Season will only be 11 episodes, initially was supposed to be 12

Elseworlds *Spoilers*

Twitter question from @JRBatman23“…want to address the  Superman series rumors?”

  • Unverified report
  • TV Line – “Potentially, and it was something I sort of talked to one of the producers about.”

Twitter question from Brandon Hall @RenaissanceCmic“It’s weird i actually found this year’s arrowverse crossover far less confusing and messy than last year’s. I loved the character interaction much more. I especially loved Bitsie Tolluch’s Lois lane.”

Twitter question from Keenon Walker @TheKTWalker“do you feel the Batwoman and the JWS Flash build up was too much for what we got in #Elseworlds? and do you think #Arrowverse Earth-38 is a retcon of Smallville? I don’t remember the Smallville Super Girl storyline. It’s time for a Smallville-athon”

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