This week’s podcast takes a look at the latest news on Shazam!, Wonder Woman 1984, The Flash, and more.


Sneak Peek – YouTube

  • Building jump into SHAZAM!
  • “He’s not so serious”
  • More effects, Sivana and Shazam flying and fighting
  • Shazam wants to buy beer
  • Freddy and Shazam want to buy a lair
  • David F. Sandberg on Instagram – Closer look at Seven Deadly Sins/Seven Deadly Enemies of Man

The budget of Shazam! The Hollywood Reporter

  • Believed to be in the $80-90 million range
  • The cost of the Shazam costumes are believed to be $60,000 or $70,000 each, not $1 million

Set visit reports (from April 2018) – Joblo, Collider, Collider

  • Lot of stuff we’ve already heard – Zachary Levi didn’t initially want to audition, Big meets Superman
  • Sandberg said it isn’t just comedy – compared it to Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, and The Goonies
  • Debated on whether film should take place in Fawcett City or Philadelphia

Patty Jenkins briefly talks Wonder Woman in interview with Vanity Fair

  • Article says Wonder Woman 1984 is set in the 80s because that is when Jenkins became a fan (6th/7th grade)
  • “I have pretty clear plans for Wonder Woman 3. Whether I [direct] it or not, I see how her arc should end in my incarnation of Wonder Woman. I have great passion for that.”

Production on The Flash movie potentially delayed further – Deadline

  • It was expected to begin filming March 2019, but in October was pushed back to fall 2019 filming, after Fantastic Beasts 3 (Variety)
  • Now, Deadline reports filming on Fantastic Beasts 3 has been pushed to late Fall 2019

WB Chairmen Toby Emmerich asked about DC Movies – The Hollywood Reporter

  • Q – “What does the success of Aquaman mean for the DC Universe?”
  • A – “We all feel like we’ve turned a corner now. We’re playing by the DC playbook, which is very different than the Marvel playbook. We are far less focused on a shared universe. We take it one movie at a time. Each movie is its own equation and own creative entity. If you had to say one thing about us, it’s that it always has to be about the directors.”


Jesse L. Martin (Joe West) to return to The Flash from medical leave – TV Line

  • Will return in episode 15

Hosea Chanchez (The Game) cast in a recurring role on Black Lightning – (Deadline)

  • Will play ASA operative Marcus Bishop

First look at Nicole Maines suited up as Dreamer

  • Will appear in Episode 11: “Blood Memory”

First look at Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor for Supergirl Season 4

  • Will appear in Episode 15: “O Brother Where Art Thou?”

First look at Cyborg in Young Justice: OutsidersIGN

  • Episodes 10-13 now available on DC Universe; midseason finale


DC Entertainment undergoes structural shakeup, layoffs- The Hollywood Reporter

  • 7 employees (out of 240) expected to laid off
  • Senior vp sales trade marketing John Cunningham, vp consumer marketing Eddie Scannell and senior vp art director Mark Chiarello
  • Editorial, Production & Manufacturing, and new Publishing Support Services (sales and marketing)
  • DC Collectibles will now be handled by WB Consumer products

Longtime comic book artist and writer George Perez announced his retirement via Facebook

  • First worked in comics industry in 1973
  • Started working with DC Comics in 1980 with The New Teen Titans
  • Known for work on Teen Titans, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman and much more

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