The pilot episode for Doom Patrol has been released. We break down the new series on this podcast.

  • Some characters introduced in Titans
  • Pilot Written by Jeremy Carver, Directed by Glen Winter
  • ~58 minutes
  • Who would you recommend the show to?


  • Paraguay, 1948 – Mr. Nobody
  • Florida, 1988 – Cliff Steele/Robotman
  • California, 1961 – Larry Trainor/Negative Man
  • Africa, 1955 – Rita Farr/Elasti-Woman
  • 2019 – Crazy Jane
  • Mr. Nobody’s 4th-wall-breaking narration throughout
  • Going into town for the first time
  • Twists and turns in Robotman’s story
  • Situational comedy – Chief eating ice cream watching “How to weld”
  • Ending – Team chooses to protect town, donkey farts
  • Moments from comics

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