This episode of the DC Drop podcast covers some recent news before looking at the animated Batman: Hush movie.

Greg Fraser to be the cinematographer for The BatmanThe Hollywood Reporter

  • Fraser is known for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Zero Dark Thirty, and upcoming Dune 
  • Was Oscar-nominated for Lion (2016)
  • He previously worked with Matt Reeves on 2010s Let Me In
  • There had been previous erroneous reports that 3-time Academy Award winner Robert Richardson was attached; he was actually involved in Ben Affleck’s film and never met with Reeves

The sequel to Aquaman expected to enter pre-production in 2020 – (Variety)

  • Came out from news that director James Wan is working on untitled horror movie for New Line that will film in late 2019 and release in 2020
  • Still no official confirmation that Wan will direct Aquaman 2, but that is expected
  • Dated for December 16, 2022

Joker to debut at festivals before wide release

  • (THR) – Venice FIlm Festival Aug 28 – Sep 7
  • (Variety) – Toronto Film Festival Sep 5-15
  • Wide release is October 4

Nuggets for New Gods

  • Ava DuVernay seemingly confirms Darkseid and the Female Furies for New Gods on Twitter (via AV Club)
  • Co-writer Tom King at SDCC via ScreenRant – King and DuVernay have assembled a team of Jack Kirby experts for Fourth World knowledge, presumably

The Death and Return of Superman animated movie (combining The Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen) to release October 1

  • Will be 166 minutes with some new footage (although Death + Reign with credits is ~168 minutes)
  • Will have new bonus features, available on 4k, blu-ray, and digital
  • Some 4k versions will have bonus disc of Superman: Doomsday on 4k for the first time

Netflix expands order for 5th and Final Season of Lucifer from 10 episodes to 16

Robert Redford to play President Robert Redford in Watchmen – Summer TCAs (via Collider)

  • In the world of Watchmen (TV), Nixon was re-elected in 1988, but passed away in office with Gerald Ford taking over. Redford won the 1992 election and has remained president since
  • Redford running for president was teased in Watchmen #12

Elizabeth “Bitsie” Tulloch will return as Lois Lane for “Crisis on Infinite Earths” – Entertainment Weekly

  • No word on number of episode(s) she will appear in
  • Lois & Clark’s child will also be introduced (no name given, but is it Jon Kent?)

The crossover episode of Arrow will be the 8th episode of season 8

  • Meaning 2 episodes of Arrow will air after “Crisis” – 2 part finale in January maybe?

Batman: Hush

  • non-spoiler
  • The comic (12 issues, 2002-2003 Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee)
  • Heavily narrated by Batman, we get to hear his thoughts
  • Flashbacks in “painted” style
  • Covers a lot of Batman history
  • Tons of characters
  • Intense fight with Joker, Batman almost kills him
  • Brings back Jason Todd (Clayface as him)
  • A good mystery (who is Hush?)

The Animated Movie

  • Directed by Justin Copeland, written by Ernie Altbacker
  • Jason O’Mara returns as Bruce Wayne/Batman (10th time?), Jennifer Morrison debuts Selina Kyle/Catwoman (first time in DCAMU)
  • First in-continuity Batman movie since Bad Blood (2016), previously Son of Batman (2014) and Batman vs. Robin (2015)
  • 82 minutes
  • DCAMU vs. Post-crisis Comic Book continuity – Damian Wayne, Jason Todd
  • Bane kidnaps instead of Killer Croc
  • Batgirl comes to help Batman instead of Huntress
  • Skips the flashbacks to Bruce and Thomas as children
  • Lex is still in charge of Lexcorp (instead of Talia): “I’m a member of the Justice League”
  • Batman has special spiked knuckles to fight Superman
  • No Krypto the Superdog to help take down Poison Ivy
  • Jason Spisak (Wally West in Young Justice) as the Joker
  • They keep the fight with Joker, almost killing him, Gordon comes and talks Batman down
  • Riddler: “That C-lister?”
  • Scarecrow in the graveyard and Thomas Elliot’s empty grave
  • Riddler is Hush
  • Catwoman kills Riddler, forces Batman and her to part ways

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