Episode 14 of the Superman Confidential podcast covers recent news on the Man of Steel, including The Death and Return of Superman animated movie, Crisis on Infinite Earths tidbits, Krypto and Superboy on Titans, and more.

The Death and Return of Superman animated movie (combining The Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen) to release October 1

  • Will be 166 minutes with some new footage (although Death + Reign with credits is ~168 minutes)
  • Will have new bonus features, available on 4k, blu-ray, and digital
  • Some 4k versions will have bonus disc of Superman: Doomsday on 4k for the first time

Stuff for Crisis on Infinite Earths

  • Marc Guggenheim on Twitter – Says they can’t use the John Williams Superman theme “due to legal restrictions”; can they re-record?
  • Guggenheim also said they hope to get at least 1 Smallville character in the crossover
  • (Also Twitter) We “won’t meet the Kingdom Come/Superman Returns Lois” in Crisis
  • SlashFilm – Is this a “sequel” to Superman Returns?

Casting changes for Supergirl Season 5

  • Mehcad Brooks to depart as James Olsen early in Season 5; it is left open for him to return
  • Julie Gonzalo will play Andrea Rojas/Acrata – First appeared in Superman Annual #12 (2000), also appeared in Season 5 of Smallville as the Angel of Vengeance
  • “A polished businesswoman and heir to a Central American tech empire, Andrea Rojas (aka Acrata) is now making a hostile advance into the world of media. Unapologetic and unafraid to make waves, she also holds a mystical secret.”

Trailer for Season 2 of Titans featuring Krypto and Conner Kent/Superboy – YouTube

  • Brief flash of Superboy in Black t-shirt with red Superman logo
  • Krypto on his dog tags

Lex Luthor to appear in Harley Quinn adult animated series

  • Will be played by Giancarlo Espisito  (Gustavo Fring in Breaking Bad)
  • Debuts in October 2019
  • (CBR) Part of the show’s plot will be Harley trying to join the Legion of Doom
  • Trailer – appears to show Metallo also

DC announces Tales from the Dark Multiverse: The Death of Superman – (CBR)

  • Prestige format one-shot, releasing in October
  • Jeff Loveness (Mysteries of Love in Space) and Brad Walker
  • In a broken world much like our own, Lois Lane, twisted by rage and grief over the Man of Steel’s death, becomes the Eradicator, taking revenge on those who let Superman die and the corrupt world he could never defeat. Now, with the power of a god, she’s going to end the “never-ending” battle by any means necessary, halting the Reign of the Supermen before it even begins.

DC announces Superman Smashes the KlanThe Hollywood Reporter

  • 3 issue series, 80 pages each
  • Written by Gene Luen Yang
  • Based on the radio program The Adventures of Superman
  • 16 parts in June/July 1946 – “Clan of the Fiery Cross”
  • The radio show was a PR hit to the Ku Kluk Klan
  • There is a book, Superman versus the Ku Kluk Klan
  • A film based on the book is in development
  • Superman’s design influenced by 40s Fleischer cartoons

Mini-review for Batman: Hush

  • Jerry O’Connell as Clark Kent/Superman
  • Rebecca Romijn as Lois Lane
  • Rainn Wilson as Lex Luthor

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