Episode 15 of the Superman Confidential podcast takes a look back at Season 2 of Krypton and the news of cancellation from Syfy.

Syfy has cancelled Krypton following Season 2 – (Deadline)

  • Ratings for Season 2 had dropped
  • Syfy only benefits from watching on Syfy or Syfy’s website/app
  • Warner Horizon Scripted Television is shopping the show, with DC Universe and HBO Max as options
  • Season 2 will be on DC Universe in 2020

Spin-off for Lobo will also not be moving forward with Syfy

  • Cam Welsh on Twitter – Says the show is still in development, but not with Syfy
  • Could the show be wrap up the Jor-El/Brainiac storyline?

Season 2 non-spoiler

  • Visuals – variety
  • Action
  • Ambition
  • Villains – Zod, Doomsday, Brainiac
  • Character work
  • Relationship pairings 

Season 2 spoiler

  • Zod leading Krypton
  • Inside the Phantom Zone – Seg-El and Brainiac
  • Baby Cor-Vex
  • The Wegthor Moon and Jax-Ur
  • Zod’s somatic reconditioning
  • Colu – “Death of Brainiac”
  • Introduction of Lobo
  • Space Elevator
  • Doomsday
  • Lyta-Zod’s arc
  • The legend of Flamebird and Nightwing Vohc (from Jayna)
  • Nyssa the double agent
  • “Death of Lyta”/For The Man Who Has Everything
  • The origin of Doomsday – Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey
  • The “birth” of Jor-El
  • Zod will “conquer 467 planets and eradicate 233 billion alien life forms.”
  • Kryptonopolis
  • Doomsday unleashed on Wegthor
  • Kem the military leader
  • Defeat of Zod/Black Mercy


  • Brainiac taking Jor-El to Earth
  • Nyssa on Rann? Rann-Thanagar War?
  • The Omega men
  • Zod probably no longer in control of Earth?
  • Is Detroit still bottled by Brainiac in the future?
  • Doomsday survived
  • Cam Welsh on Twitter – “It was a squad of Thanagarians that Nyssa saw. She was on a Thanagarian occupied Rann, and we would have gotten heavily into the Rann/Thanagar war, with The Omega Men (not Darkseid) the wild card. “
  • Twitter – The Eradicator was to be introduced in Season 3
  • Teaser for Season 3 – set in 2020 Russia, young-ish Jor-El with “Dad” Brainiac
  • Jor-El: Red Son? – “By defeating Zod, Earth was saved, but that just opened up this new future where Jor-El was living the upside down Superman origin story in Russia rather than Kansas, and with Brainiac instead of Ma and Pa Kent raising him.”
  • Twitter – Sardath and Alanna
  • The End of Krypton?

Recommendation – Adventures of Superman #28

  • “Dear Superman”
  • November 2013
  • Physical copy #10?
  • Written by Josh Elder, art by Victor Ibanez, edited by Alex Antone
  • USA Today – Inspired by Elder’s experience
  • Collected in Adventures of Superman Vol 2

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