On this episode, we take a quick look at the Pennyworth pilot and cover news on Black Adam, Joker, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, and more.

Dwayne Johnson talks Black Adam – IMDB on Twitter

  • Likely to film Summer 2020
  • “The script has come in, the script is great”
  • Jaume (Collett-Sera) wants to make “The Dirty Harry of superheroes”

Long-range (8 weeks out) box office prediction for JokerBox Office Pro

  • Not industry tracking (which is 3 weeks out)
  • Predicts range of $60-90 million domestic opening weekend
  • $77 million opening with $175 million total

News on The Kitchen

  • Domestic opening box office – opened 7th with $5.5 million, $8.2 million first week
  • International box office – opened in a few markets, made a couple hundred thousand (of what has been reported so far
  • Cinemascore – B- with poor reviews
  • Budget has been reported at $37 or $38 million
  • Likely to be lowest grossing movie based on DC imprint (The Losers ~ $30 million)

Trailer for Wonder Woman: Bloodlines released – (IGN on YouTube)

  • Shows glimpse of origin? (pre-Justice League: War) – Wonder Woman rescuing Steve Trevor
  • Tons of villains
  • Synopsis – Villainy, Inc will be invading Themyscira
  • Writer Mairghread Scott on Twitter – “Who said it was an origin story?”
  • To be released digitally October 5th, physically October 22nd

Trailer for Season 2 of TitansYouTube

  • Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne
  • Flashback for original Titans team?
  • Aqualad, Superboy, Krypto, Deathstroke and Wonder Girl in costume
  • More superhero-y looking?
  • Debuts September 6

The CW announces streaming plans for new shows – (Deadline)

  • For current shows, they keep the 5 most recent episodes available to stream on website/app
  • For upcoming season, new shows will have full season available until 30 days before next season

Crisis on Infinite Earths


  • Sunday December 8 at 8 p.m. – Supergirl
  • Monday December 9 at 8 p.m. – Batwoman
  • Tuesday December 10 at 8 p.m. – The Flash
  • Tuesday January 14 at 8 p.m. – Arrow followed by Legends of Tomorrow at 9 p.m.

“Characters from Black Lightning” to appear in the crossover

  • No confirmation on who all will appear or how much

Kevin Conroy to appear as an “older Bruce Wayne”

  • In DCAU continuity, 2019 is the year Bruce Wayne retires as Batman (Batman Beyond)
  • Guggenheim on Twitter said they’re “trying to get more” guest stars every day
  • Soda City Comic Con (YouTube) – Conroy did VFX work, implying he will do some action?

Marv Wolfman (Writer of Crisis on Infinite Earths comic book series) will be a writer for the TV adaptation

  • EP Marc Guggenheim and Wolfman co-wrote the story (either for Arrow episode or entire crossover is unclear)
  • For TV, Wolfman has written for Batman: The Animated Series and Transformers

According to Get Fandom’s Eric Goldman on Twitter, DC/WB was approached about Lynda Carter returning as Wonder Woman

  • Marc Guggenheim – “I had conversations with DC and Warner Bros. and based on those conversations, I don’t think it’s going to be able to happen”

The CW planning to develop a new DC Comics series for 2020-21 TV Season – (TV Insider)

  • Asked about a potential future-Team Arrow spin-off, CW President Mark Pedowitz said “”right now, there’s another property that we’re looking at for next season.”
  • Would not disclose what property that is.
  • Traci 13 and Survivors Club were previously put in development in The CW, but this seems to imply something else
  • Also said there are no plans to end any of the current Arrowverse shows

Pennyworth Pilot

  • ~72 minutes
  • Written by Bruno Heller, Directed by Danny Cannon (both from Gotham)
  • Currently first 3 episodes are free on the Epix website
  • Jack Bannon as “Alfie” Alfred Pennyworth (army background, likeable)
  • Raven Society: Lord Harewood and Blonde Lady (Bet Sykes)
  • Alfred’s friends
  • Thomas Wayne is a forensic financial analyst, the Blonde Lady wants him
  • Harewood tries to recruit Alfred
  • Humor – open door with “discrete panache”
  • Style

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