The newest animated Superman film, Reign of the Supermen, has been released! This week’s podcast takes a look at the sequel to The Death of Superman and compares it to the original comic book saga that inspired the film.

Similarities/differences from comic arc

  • Fits within DCAMU
  • Original story arc – 40-50 issues
  • Replacement Supermen – Superboy, Steel, Eradicator, Cyborg Superman
  • Superboy is a (immediately) a clone of Superman and Lex Luthor
  • Darkseid subplot/manipulation of Hank Henshaw
  • Main stories – The Death of Superman, Funeral for a Friend/World Without Superman, and The Return of Superman

Removed story points

  • Many ongoing subplots from comics obviously removed (Bloodlines tie-in, etc.)
  • Many supporting characters also removed – Guardian, Gangbuster, Matrix Supergirl, Lana Lang, Professor Emil Hamilton
  • Much of Funeral For a Friend
  • Unused characters/concepts – Mongul, Coast City
  • Superman’s body is missing from tomb (twice)
  • Removed mystery of if the real Superman is one of the replacements
  • Removed Jonathan Kent’s heart attack/meeting Clark in the afterlife

Altered story points

  • Some changes carry over from The Death of Superman animated movies – Justice League, etc.
  • How Cyborg Superman gets the President’s trust
  • Ron Troupe gets a promotion/Clark Kent’s job?
  • Time jump – 6 months in the movie?
  • How Justice League is sent off world
  • How Superman’s powers return
  • The origin of Doomsday
  • Darkseid’s manipulation of Hank Henshaw
  • The origin of Superboy
  • The origin of the Eradicator
  • Martian Manhunter helps Clark Kent return

Added plot points

  • In-universe stuff – Justice League Watchtower, Darkseid’s hopeful invasion, Credits scene
  • Cyber Corps

Setting up future stories

  • Comics – Superboy, Steel, Eradicator in the Outsiders, Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey

Other stuff

  • Mystery of the replacement Supermen
  • Superman’s return
  • Not enough emphasis on Superman?
  • Why is Superman important?

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