The penultimate episode for Season 2 of The CW’s Superman & Lois is here and we break it all down on this episode of the podcast.

2.14 Worlds War Bizarre

  • A weary Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) holds vigil at Superman’s (Tyler Hoechlin) bedside. Meanwhile, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan (Alex Garfin) continue to worry about their father who seems more human now than ever. Lastly, John Henry (Wole Parks) and Natalie (Taylor Buck) work together to figure out the best way to defend against Ally Allston’s (guest star Rya Kihlstedt) powers. 
  • Directed by Sheelin Choksey (pronounced ‘Shel-een’ – first episode of Superman & Lois, previously directed Major Crimes, Stargirl, All American) and written by Michael Narducci (6th episode)

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