Season 2 of Superman & Lois is rapidly approaching. We break down the news and preview what we want to see in this episode of the podcast.

Trailer for Season 2 of Superman & Lois – (Entertainment Weekly)

Season 2 poster

Season 2 promo videos (part Season 1 recap, part Season 2 preview)

Season 2 now available for digital pre-order

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  • iTunes (with Synopsis) – “Season 2 opens with the dust still settling in Smallville following the shocking outcome of the confrontation between Morgan Edge and Superman. With Smallville on the national map for the first time in the town’s history, Lois Lane faces fresh challenges in her latest journalistic endeavors. Their sons also find themselves dealing with change. Accepting he may never have powers, Jonathan forges a new path with a surprising mentor, while Jordan and Sarah Cushing deal with what the events of last year mean for their relationship. Her family is also in need of a fresh start as Kyle Cushing attempts to repair the damage to several relationships from recent events, while Lana weighs a difficult decision that could impact all of Smallville. Against all of this, General Lane finds his future in doubt for the first time in a long time, while The Stranger remains at large, and closer than ever to the Kent family.”

Season 2 preview

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