On this episode of Superman & Lois: The New Adventures podcast, we take a look at the first trailer for Superman & Lois plus take a look back at the 1988 Superboy TV series.

Superman & Lois | Family Crest | Season Trailer | The CW (YouTube)

  • Runtime – ~ 50 seconds
  • “We all begin as one version of our self, but as we grow, life changes us. Every moment shaping our character, shifting our priorities, stretching every fiber of our being, until we think we’ve lost our self to the stress of it all. But that’s not true, because under the torn fibers is a stronger person, forged like steel, with the courage to fight for those we love. And what we thought was lost, can be found in family.” 

Superboy – Background on the series

  • Ran 4 seasons (1988-1992), 100 episodes
  • Produced by Alexander and Ilya Salkind 

Superboy Season 1, Episode 10 “Troubled Waters” – first aired December 10, 1988

Superboy Season 3, Episodes 1+2 – “The Bride of Bizarro, Part 1 and 2” – first aired October 6, 13, 1990

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