The Superman & Lois panel at DC FanDome gave some new details on The CW’s upcoming show. We discuss all that plus the rest of the latest news on the series.

The CW releases (kind-of) a teaser for Superman & LoisYouTube (Starts around 1:09)

  • Reused footage of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman, Bitsie Tulloch’s Lois Lane and Crisis on Infinite Earths
  • New dialogue from Tyler Hoechlin and Emmanuelle Chriqui?
  • Hoechlin – “What if this isn’t the life we were meant to have after Crisis.”
  • Hoechlin – “Your mother’s planning a trip.”
  • Chriqui – “Clark Kent, back in Smallville.”
  • Hoechlin – “This family needs Smallville, as much as the world needs Superman.”
  • New theme for Superman?
  • The CW is referring to their superhero shows as “The CWverse”

DC FanDome Superman & Lois panel – (YouTube)

  • DC’s Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee, showrunner Todd Helbing, Tyler Hoechlin (Clark Kent/Superman), Elizabeth Tulloch (Lois Lane)
  • How it is different from previous Superman shows? Helbing – Clark & Lois are married with 2 twin teenage boys
  • Helbing has 2 boys and grew up in the midwest, and wanted to bring those personal experiences in the show
  • Compared it to having 2 working parents in today’s world and those challenges
  • Wanted the kids to be very different
  • A tragedy will cause Lois & Clark to move to Smallville, thinking it might be easier to raise children there
  • Helbing’s town had a business leave and the town started to “dry up”
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths gave the show a “blank slate”
  • Tulloch – Lois (and Superman) will still be dedicated to her career and have to juggle that with her responsibilities as a parent
  • Tulloch has a toddler and Hoechlin is an uncle to 6 and references his dad (emergency room doctor and father of 4)
  • Tulloch has read the scripts for 2 episodes and finds the storyline with kids very compelling
  • Hoechlin talked about the balance of being Superman to the world and turning it off and being with family
  • Lana
  • General Lane sees Superman as “his soldier” and has a fraught relationship with Lois
  • Helbing talked about Superman and Lois as a team being “an unstoppable force” with Superman using his powers and Lois hunting down other villains
  • Lee taught how to draw Superman’s shield – Diamond with 2 fish
  • Hoechlin and Tulloch weren’t very familiar with Superman stuff before being cast (Tulloch had seen the Reeve/Kidder films)
  • Tulloch said Lois understands the need for Superman in the world
  • Hoechlin was drawn Superman’s ability to provide needed hope and optimism in the world when he was cast
  • Tulloch said the scrutiny that journalists face in today’s world is inspiration for playing the character
  • Hoechlin – “What makes Superman, Superman in my eyes is someone who, without fail, chooses to do the right thing in all the good that they can do.”
  • A new suit is coming – no details on what it could look like. 

The full cast of Superman & Lois has arrived in Vancouver for quarantine before filming – Bitsie Tulloch on Twitter

  • Will be ready for final pre-production and then filming
  • New S shield design?
  • New 52, Electric Blue, Tim Burton’s Superman Lives mix?

Sets for the town of Smallville are being built in Cloverdale (a town centre in Surrey, British Columbia) – (Paul Hillsdon on Twitter, Document link)