Lee Toland Krieger (pronunciation) to direct the pilot for Superman & LoisKryptonsite

  • Confirmed by Bitsie Tulloch on Twitter
  • Krieger has directed 3 movies – The Vicious Kind (2009), Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012) and The Age of Adaline (2015)
  • Pilots directed by Krieger – Happyland (2014), Beyond (2017), Riverdale (2017), Life Sentence (2018), You (2018), Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018), Deadly Class (2018), Prodigal Son (2019), Shadow and Bone (2020)
  • Has never directed any superhero projects (or CW hero shows)

Showrunner Todd Helbing is writing the pilot, with story credit to Helbing and EP Greg Berlanti

  • Berlanti hasn’t had a writing credit on any of The CW superhero shows in 3+ seasons
  • Invasion! (2016 crossover) story credit
  • The Flash 3×17 – “Duet” (March 2017) musical crossover

Production offices for Superman & Lois to be open March 23-May 14

  • 8 weeks
  • Standard pilot production time for CW superhero shows is 4 weeks
  • Could they be filming multiple episodes or potentially a 2-hour pilot?
  • Could also be filming other things – establishing shots, action scenes, Hoechlin flying, etc.

Tyler Hoechlin (and Mehcad Brooks) panel at Wizard World Cleveland – YouTube

  • Brooks said he left on good terms, but said things had “run their course” with Jimmy Olsen
  • Brooks “I wish I had an answer for you.” on why Lucy Lane just disappeared after Season 1
  • Gives some BTS tidbits on filming, heat vision, etc. 
  • Hoechlin can say absolutely nothing about Superman & Lois – jokes they haven’t started filming the pilot and doesn’t want to lose his job
  • Release date – “I know we’re supposed to start filming in July, which I imagine means fall show, so I think October would be a safe guess but do not quote me on that…It’s my guess.”
  • Doesn’t have a history of comics – played baseball and started acting at age 8, but “my friends at DC are setting me up with that stuff.”
  • Isn’t very familiar with past Superman movies/TV – didn’t want to unintentionally imitate in a positive or negative way
  • Discussed how there are several different “versions” of playing Clark/Superman – Superman to the public, Clark to the public, Clark in private
  • On filming – “We’ll start shooting Superman & Lois. We get going on some pilot-related stuff here pretty soon and then we’ll start the series in July.”
  • On pilot“I think we start end of the month, we start playing with a few things and then we’ll shoot April/May.”

Other characters (for Pilot?) – That Hashtag Show

  • Including:
  • Perry White – Daily Planet Editor-in-Chief (The Adventures of Superman radio series, 1940)
  • Pastor Linquist (Superman for all Seasons)
  • Ron Troupe – Daily Planet reporter (Adventures of Superman #480, 1991)
  • Cobb Branden – neighboring farmer (Superman #2, 2016)
  • Other characters like scientist, docter, EMT, etc.

Twitter question from @smashguy96“Off topic but could you guys do a segment whether or not Bruce Wayne has a chance of showing up in the show and if he does various things he could do? That would be a fun listen.”