With less than 2 weeks to go until The CW’s debut of Superman & Lois, we begin our final preview for Season 1.

The CW orders 2 additional episodes of Superman & Lois Season 1 – (Variety)

  • Will make the season 15 episodes
  • 15 consecutive episodes would put show ending at June 1
  • Bitsie Tulloch confirms on Twitter that the 90-minute premiere is a long, single episode, not 2 episodes edited together

New trailer released by The CW – YouTube

  • “All Right Now | Season Promo”
  • Features song “All Right Now” by Free. 
  • “Our dad told us all these stories about growing up here.” “Did he tell you it sucks?” “Actually, I think he kind of loved it” (We see the kids walking on the farm talking to Sara Cushing, the family unpacking after moving)
  • “We came here as a family” “It’s too dangerous for them to know” “It’s more dangerous if they don’t” Lois and Clark in elevator (at Daily Planet? Clark has a Daily Planet press pass on).
  • “You’re Superman, no we’ve seen Superman before, we’ve seen him.” Clark lifts up truck in front of the kids.
  • “You told the boys you’re Superman.” “I couldn’t lie to them anymore, this is going to keep my family together” “Clark it’s going to tear it apart”. Sam Lane and Clark talking outside Kent farm
  • “All the times you were gone, you lied to me, you both did.” Boys getting mad at Lois and Clark.
  • “I can’t just abandon the world.” “The world will always need Superman, right now this family needs you more.” Lois and Clark talking while we see Superman lifting a huge piece of ice, landing next to people in hazmat suits (crushing the pavement) .
  • Quick shots of Clark in normal clothes levitating in field, using heat vision, fighting with suited villain.
  • Again features the “Saving the world starts at home” line

New TV spot – Milwaukee’s CW affiliate on Twitter

  • 10 seconds, just a few snippets of new footage
  • TV Spot 2 – “You think dad’s hiding something from us? You’re saying your Superman?” We see the boys uncovering something secret in the barn, then seeing Clark lift a truck into the air.
  • TV Spot 3 – “If anyone ever found out the truth about me, it would change everything” Family sitting at table. “It’s too dangerous for them to know” “It’s more dangerous if they don’t”.

Pre-Season Launch Teaser on iTunes

  • Commentary by Executive Producer Todd Helbing
  • Talks about them being more relatable than ever.
  • Clark gets fired, Clark calls his mom on the phone.
  • They cover almost every touchstone of Superman in live-action, but with a fresh new look.
  • They’ve approached VFX in a new way that will take it to the next level.
  • The families (Kents, Cushings) are really the story engines and focuses of the 1st season.

Angus Macfadyen (Braveheart) has been cast as Jor-El – ComicBook.com

  • Character description – “Jor-El is Clark Kent’s Kryptonian father. Though he died along with Krypton, his brilliant essence still exists within the arctic Fortress of Solitude to provide guidance when his son seeks help.”
  • Will first appear in Episode 2
  • Has the Fortress of Solitude been seen on Earth-Prime?

TNT to air an encore presentation of the premiere episode – Deadline

  • Saturday February 27, at 9 pm
  • Will also be followed by the Superman & Lois: Legacy of Hope special

David Sudz Sutherland to direct episode 6 – Kryptonsite

  • Has lots of movie (Home Again) and TV (Batwoman, The Flash) directing experience

Details on Superman & Lois TCA panel – (Deadline)

  • EPs Todd Helbing and Greg Berlanti talked about shows like Everwood and Friday Night Lights when developing the series
  • Lot of references to relatable, “normal people” issues and grounded
  • Wanted the story and visuals to be unique to all the different superhero shows out there, knowing they have to compete with cable and streaming