On this episode of Superman & Lois: The New Adventures podcast, we take a look at what the next year could look like for Superman & Lois fans and do some follow-up on the first part of “Crisis on Infinite Earths”.

Bitsie Tulloch briefly talks Superman & LoisTV Guide

  • “When Todd Helbing, who’s our showrunner, was telling me about the story for the pilot script for Superman & Lois, I got chills. It’s so good, and it’s so something we haven’t seen before with them, so I think it’s going to be great.”

Superman & Lois – The Next Year

Series put in development

Pilot Ordered/pilot director announce – January

Cast announced – late January/early February

First look – prior to filming

Pilot filming -March

Ordered to series – early May

First full trailer – mid May

Rest of Season filming -July 2019

San Diego Comic Con – July

Promotion leading up to pilot – 4-6 weeks out

Series debut  – early October

Full Season Order – late October

Crossover season/midseason finale – late November/early December