The first full trailer for The CW’s Superman & Lois TV series is finally here. We break it all down in this episode.

Superman & Lois trailer – Entertainment Weekly

  • YouTube link
  • Visuals – director Lee Toland Krieger, cinematographer for first 2 episodes is Gavin Struthers (The Witcher) per IMDB
  • Aspect ratio – 2.2:1 vs traditional 1.78:1 for TV
  • Color palette
  • “When we were dreaming about having a family, it didn’t look like this did it? Lost jobs, teens with severe anxiety, parents gone too soon.” Lois talking while seeing their wedding, Kent parents
  • “Why’d you move the family here? Still looking for the simple life? Because those days are gone Clark, long gone.” General Sam Lane talking to Clark outside house. We see Kryptonite and guy in suit,
  • “You’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders.” Lana Lang to Clark  “Really wish I could get drunk sometimes” Clark to himself
  • “You’re saying you’re Superman?” “No, we’ve seen Superman before, we’ve seen him.” The sons confronting Clark.
  • “Am I a bad father?” Clark throwing heavy pipes around in the barn. “We’re going to be alright.” Lois says while we see the boys amazed at Clark lifting a truck in the air. “No one ever dreams about the problems, but every life has them, even the extraordinary ones.” Lois says while we suited man attacking people, Superman using super breath.
  • “Saving the world starts at home” – text on screen towards end.
  • Superman in action
  • Villain of the week or The Stranger?
  • Tone
  • Music – tease at the show’s score
  • Mix of Superman influences

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