This episode of the Superman Confidential podcast takes a look at the shifting DC FanDome schedule and the release of the animated Superman: Man of Tomorrow movie.

DC FanDome Schedule changed

  • All Superman-specific panels moved to September 12
  • Superman & Lois panel
  • Long Live Superman
  • Superman: Man of Tomorrow panel
  • Superman: An Enduring Symbol of Hope
  • The Creative Coalition Presents: Superman Radio Show (with Tim Daly)

Superman villain Bloodsport to appear in The Suicide Squad movie, played by Idris Elba

  • Introduced in Superman #4 (1987)
  • King Shark
  • Mongal
  • Other movie stuff 

Trailer for Snyder’s Justice League

  • Quick looks at Lois, Martha, Clark, and Superman in action
  • Aspect ratio
  • 4 1-hour episodes

Rocksteady Games announces Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game (2022)

  • Trailer shows Brainiac invading Metropolis, mind-controlled Superman
  • Rumors that WB rejected Rocksteady’s pitch for a Superman game

Superman: Man of Tomorrow – Comic Book Resources

  • CBR said it would introduce a new animated universe, then issued a correction
  • No new Superman animated movies in 2021

Changes at DC Comics and Warner Bros. – Variety

  • Massive layoffs at WarnerMedia and DC Entertainment
  • Temporary or permanent?
  • How will this impact the comics?

Jim Lee on future of DC Comics – The Hollywood Reporter

  • Original content on DC Universe will move to HBO Max
  • DC Universe may be comic comics-exclusive
  • What about older TV shows? (Lois & Clark, Superboy, The Adventures of Superman)

Superman: Man of Tomorrow

  • Story
  • Characters
  • Action
  • Animation

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