On this episode of Superman & Lois: The New Adventures, we discuss the latest news for The CW’s Superman & Lois plus review the pilot episode of The Adventures of Superman TV series, “Superman on Earth”, starring George Reeves as Clark Kent/Superman and Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane.

Air dates and episode titles for the first 5 episodes revealed by The CW – (Superman Homepage)

  • Start February 23
  • First 5 episodes will air each Tuesday through March 23

Lois Lane and Clark Kent poster released by The CW

  • Here it is
  • The CW tagline – “He’s not the only one that can save the world.”
  • Smallville Kent Farm
  • Yellow/orangish colors

Bitsie Tulloch talks Lois Lane with poster reveal (Kryptonsite)

  • “From the very beginning, going back to when she was introduced in 1938, Lois Lane as a character defied society’s expectations of how women should behave. Women at that point were more typically portrayed as demure, but Lois was always opinionated and unapologetic and uncompromising and a career-woman. Part of why she has remained so compelling for so many years is that she’s also vulnerable, and fallible, romantic, and goofy and a klutz – I just find her really appealing.”
  • “I find Lois inspiring in how little she gives a crap about what anyone thinks of her. She’s not doing the work for glory or more Pulitzers, she’s doing it because she believes in justice and truth. She is incredibly driven and determined and hard-working and she really embodies the aphorism ‘be the change you wish to see in the world.’ She is not intimidated by anyone. she wants to save the world with words.”

Adam Rayner (Tyrant, Hawthorne) has been cast in the series regular role of Morgan Edge – Deadline

  • Described as “an intelligent, eloquent and impassioned self-made mogul who’s innate ability to motivate is the means to his success and others’ demise.”
  • Has been connected to WGBS, Daily Planet, Intergang, Darkseid
  • First appeared Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #133 (October 1970)
  • Previously appeared on Smallville and Supergirl (plus Bill Church, Jr. on Lois & Clark)
  • Another series regular (10?)

The Adventures of Superman Pilot – “Superman on Earth”

  • Starring George Reeves as Clark Kent/Superman, Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane, Jack Larson as Jimmy Olsen, and John Hamilton as Perry White
  • Aired September 19, 1952
  • Directed by Thomas Carr (who also worked on the 1948 Superman serial starring Kirk Alyn and Noel Neill)
  • Written by Richard Fielding (Whitney Ellsworth, Robert Maxwell)
  • Superman and the Mole Men, starring Reeves and Coates, released theatrically in 1951 and was re-edited into a 2-part season 1 finale
  • The Adventures of Superman ran for 6 seasons, until the death of George Reeves
  • First 2 seasons are in black-and-white, seasons 3-6 are in color


  • Classic “Faster than a speeding bullet…” opening
  • Opens on Krypton and Jor-El reporting to the council that the planet will be destroyed
  • They put baby Kal-El on the rocket and send him to Earth as Krypton is destroyed
  • Sarah and Eben Kent find baby Kal-El
  • Skip forward to 12-year-old Clark wondering about his powers (strength, speed, x-ray vision). Sarah tells him where he came from.
  • Skip forward to full grown 25-year-old Clark and Eben Kent dies.
  • Clark leaves Smallville for Metropolis and the Daily Planet
  • Great Perry White with 3 different phones and an intercom, calls in Lois Lane
  • Jimmy Olsen comes in and talks about a dirigible accident and we get to see Superman fly off in his suit to save the man and get the exclusive interview and a job at the daily planet.
  • The guy he saves calls him “some kind of Super Guy”
  • Lois questions Clark about how he got there so quick, and he says “Maybe I’m a Super Man”

What to review next time – Superboy

  • Season 1, Episode 10 “Troubled Waters” – set in Smallville
  • Season 3, Episodes 1+2 – “The Bride of Bizarro, Part 1 and 3” 2-parter