With the Warner Bros. Discovery merger finally completed, this episode of the podcast takes a look at Superman’s movie future with the new WBD.

Warner Brothers Discovery merger complete

  • Details on DC Entertainment overhaul with Variety – “Discovery insiders believe that although DC has achieved cinematic success with recent films such as “Aquaman” and “The Batman,” it lacks a coherent creative and brand strategy. Discovery believes that several top-shelf characters such as Superman have been left to languish and need to be revitalized.”

Executive changes

  • David Zaslav – CEO and President of Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Variety – Toby Emmerich Steps Down as Warner Bros. Picture Group Chairman, Mike De Luca and Pam Abdy (MGM) Taking Over Studio
  • Emmerich named President and Chief Content Officer of WB Pictures in December of 2016
  • De Luca and Abdy will be overseeing DC Films until a new leader is found –  (Variety) Zaslav is looking to create 3 segments for movies – WB/New Line, Animation, and DC Films

Possible future – The Wrap

  • Zaslav is looking for a new leader for all of DC Entertainment (movies, TV, and comics)
  • Walter Hamada is likely out as President of DC Films once a replacement is chosen.
  • “If anything, they’ll go back to individual movies unless De Luca has some plan,” according to a DC insider. “They need to get a f—ing Superman movie off the ground, and if the plan is a shared universe, a [Henry] Cavill-led Superman needs to be the focal point.”
  • The DC insider added that Zaslav’s team “should scratch every Superman project in development and start fresh with Cavill.”

J.J. Abrams/Bad Robot Productions – The Hollywood Reporter

  • “David Zaslav is frustrated by the lack of output from Bad Robot’s $250 million overall deal.”

Looking back at Emmerich/Hamada era

  • No Superman movie produced
  • Superman potentially replaced in universe?


  • Zaslav consistently mentions Superman
  • When will a movie be announced?
  • Henry Cavill?
  • Superman & Lois’ future

DC announces Superman: Space Age – AIPT Comics

  • 3-issue prestige series written by Mark Russell, art by Mike Allred
  • “After years of standing idle, the young man from Krypton defies the wishes of his fathers to come out to the world as the first superhero of the Space Age. As each decade passes and each new danger emerges, he wonders if this is the one that will kill him and everyone he loves. Superman realizes that even good intentions are not without their backlash as the world around him transforms into a place as determined to destroy itself as he is to save it.”
  • Russell – “…I’ve always found Superman such a philosophically fascinating character, one which forces us to ask how different would the world be if we chose to be our best selves?”
  • Sketches show Krypton, Ma and Pa Kent, Daily Planet, Fortress, Anti-Monitor, etc.
  • Silver age inspired? Crisis on Infinite Earths? Covering US/World history?
  • 80 pages, $9.99 cover price
  • First issue releases July 26, every 2 months after

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen’s Boss Perry White one-shot comic book releasing this June – DC Comics

  • New 7-page story plus repairing

Multiversus Trailer – YouTube

  • Superman and Iron Giant
  • Open Beta in July

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