This episode of the podcast takes a look at the latest news and reports from Warner Bros. Discovery and what it could mean for Superman’s movie future. Plus, a quick review of DC League of Super-Pets.

Warner Bros. Discovery stuff

  • New York Post – movie is “irredeemable”, would be damaging to DC brand; “This is the end of DC as a hobby,” the source said.
  • The Hollywood Reporter – WBD wants DC films to be theatrical events
  • Variety – Best financial decision was to expense it for tax break, rather than pump more money in for theatrical release
  • Also – Batman animated series being sold, 

Warner Bros. Discovery investor meeting

  • DC listed as a Brand
  • Superman listed separately as a franchise
  • DC may be a separate studio?

What does this mean for DC movie future and Superman?

  • More news to come?
  • What is the plan?
  • New DC head
  • Rumors of potential changes to HBO Max
  • Arrowverse ending
  • Hard reboot? What about Batman Universe, Black Adam, etc.
  • Long-term plan?
  • Superman & Lois, My Adventures with Superman, animated movies, DC Comics

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